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Launching exclusively May 19th, 2023, on

  • ⌜ slug ⌟

    ‘Slug’, takes its inspiration from the gastropod that feeds on plants and is a slimy pest of leafy garden crops.

    The frame incorporates engraved gold embellishments and showcases nice attention to detail.

    The design has a more tough look and will be available in two colorways.

    The name Slug also has a double meaning, as it can also mean lazy or slow, which adds a unique layer to the design

  • ⌜ beetle ⌟

    ‘Beetle’, which takes inspiration from the insect of the same name, features a lot of attention to detail that gives the frame a unique and eye-catching look.

    The design also signals the collaboration betweenFLATLISTeyewear and SP5DER, making it an iconic piece.

    The frame will be available in three colorways and incorporates the theme of an insect caught in a spiderweb, playing around with the theme of the collaboration.

  • beetle

    Milky Amber / Brown Berry Gradient Lens

  • beetle

    Smoke Havana Vintage / Smoke Pink Gradient Lens

  • beetle

    Brown Havana / Brown Haze Lens

  • slug

    Silver Mink / Smoke Brown Gradient Lens

  • slug

    Solid Black / Brown Lens

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